Gain Expert Assistance For Your Improvement Initiatives

Sometimes, you know change is needed but you aren’t sure where to begin.

Other times, you may be experiencing less than desirable results in a given department, team, or role but aren’t exactly sure how to bring about improvements.

As a leader, you know you need better systems for managing, nurturing and growing your talent. You may have even realized that in today’s workplace, your employees’ experience and relationship with you as their employer impacts their role satisfaction, desire to stay with your organization and “yield” or their overall performance output.

RelaPhi Services is a consultative approach that we’ve created to work with leaders to help bring about the business gains they seek from their organization.  Whether this entails helping to facilitate an enterprise-wide transformation, or simply providing some assistance to diagnose root causes and implement a reliable solution to improve a role or team’s results….with our help, you can trust us to make you better.

Some examples of services include:

  • Best practices for organizational effectivenessProviding more accurate, fitting design of work roles and organization structure
  • Diagnosing and designing approaches for your strategic recruitment challenges
  • Assistance in creating the environment for harvesting relevant ideas from all of your valuable workforce contributors
  • Guidance for supervisors and leaders for stewarding talent, and serving as highly effective performance brokers
  • “Mission to Mine” engagements to see that your strategy gets translated, enthusiastically owned and executed across your organization

RelaPhi doesn’t just advise you; we become partners invested in seeing you through to the results you seek. We offer tools and proven practices to augment our consultation services…so as you execute your new plans, you can have sustained success.

Work Role Yields Management® (WRYM) Licensing

For organizations who seek to leverage and incorporate our proprietary body of knowledge into their own organizational, processes, tools, and systems, we offer stand-alone, enterprise licensing.

How it works

By meeting with and having thorough dialogue with you, we gain understanding of exactly what you seek to accomplish.  We begin each engagement with responsible discovery to ensure a problem is well defined, and that you’re not wasting resources treating symptoms. We’ll help you diagnose pitfalls and make recommendations for how to resolve root causes, including tools and technology for sustaining improvements. By applying best practices and design principles, we’ll guide you through a smoother transition and more successful organizational change.

We’re Unleashing the Power of People…by design.

We can help you do the same. Let’s connect so we can share more.