Optimize Roles and Teams Around Your Business Strategy

There is often a chasm between the minds of leadership and the talent within an organization. As a result, workers may lack a good understanding of the organization’s mission and a grasp of their role within it. The impact is often lack of enthusiasm within the talent force, poor role assignment and work performance that keeps the organization from meeting its objectives. This creates dissatisfaction all the way around.

RoleDesigner™ provides the toolkit for creating congruency between work productivity and business strategy and create the optimal organizational structure. By changing the mindset of looking at workers as interchangeable and roles as minimally defined, RoleDesigner™ will help you to:

  • optimal organizational structureTarget and magnetically attract desirable talent
  • Balance and integrate business needs with the capabilities and life needs of well-defined talent
  • Optimize your talent investments to produce a peak return on investment
  • Diagnose suboptimal role outcomes, risks lurking in the organization and unnecessary workforce expenses
  • Plan better for talent development, continuous improvement and role succession

You’ll recruit with strategic precision. Onboarding will go more smoothly. Relationships will start on stronger footing. And each role will be discretely designed for maximum organizational impact.

Outdated, limited job description and performance review paradigms will become a thing of the past.

Whether your organization is large or small and regardless of industry or type of work, RoleDesigner™ can improve your strategic productivity.

How it works

RoleDesigner™ works as a “thinking” or modeling tool. It helps users apply the same level of thought and seriousness to roles as an organization would to product or process specs. The software enables the organization to design and evolve work roles in a dynamic manner so that they remain coherent and aligned with the prevailing business agenda (unlike static job descriptions).

It starts by helping users take a certain business agenda and strategy and break down for each role what results, or Yields, contribute to the success of the overall strategy. From there, users can drill down into all the key building blocks of the role including organizational and personal areas of accountability using our proprietary work role framework.

Role Designer helps establish key metrics for measuring each Yield a role should produce. It also serves as a work role knowledge repository to capture insights over time about how to improve various aspects of work roles, whether it relates to designing more satisfying worker experiences, recruitment efficacy, or amplifying business impacts.

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