Unleash Greater Performance

Workers and organizations experience far too much risk, loss, waste, failure and surprises stemming from an overreliance on assumptions, communication misunderstandings or simple lack of information.

Our body of knowledge and software tools for practicing Relationship Performance™, (RP) brings enlightenment and shared accountability to work relations. What does this mean for you?

With RP and facilitating software tools, you’ll experience:

  • alternative to annual performance reviewsVastly improved communications (right away!)
  • Removal of the barriers and highly charged dynamics in typical performance evaluations
  • A purge of assumptions and new reliance on more accurate information
  • Greater accountability from leaders, supervisors and workers
  • Increase in work enthusiasm and better role performance
  • More innovation and better problem solving

This is equally offered to everyone in the workplace, providing what we call “2-way illumination”. This concept is bringing formidable value to both the business organizations and the lives of entire workforces each day.

How it works

It’s starts by putting everyone in your organization on the same page with a shared work vision. We discovered six dimensions of quality existing in all work relationships regardless of role or hierarchy. The vital sign comprising these dimensions is called QR™ (quality of relationships). Then, we developed online tools for workers, supervisors and leaders to easily express, share, learn, discuss and improve QR effectively each month. This became rpPaQ™, the essential tool set that makes this practical, actionable and sustainable.

With rpPaQ™, you’ll create an ongoing accountability feedback loop, with measurement and control on every reporting relationship in the organization…from the very top to the very front line. It puts conversation on an even playing field and serves to foster greater voice and ownership of the person in each role.

The tool provides a means for each party in the relationship to weigh in. Supervisors will share how talent is performing to role expectations; talent will share how fulfilled they are in the role. Each month, both parties get a “snapshot” of where they stand with each other, creating a catalyst for regular dialogue that is bilateral or two-way.

Dashboards in the online tool allow supervisors to see at a glance how things are going and drill down to identify serious risks that could result in turnover or performance reduction. No one will be in the dark – and everyone will be equipped to stay more in tune to potential issues. The alternative to annual performance reviews you’ve been waiting for has arrived!

We’re Unleashing the Power of People…by design.

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