We provide you with the means to unleash more performance and enthusiasm from people toward accomplishing your business agenda.


Your organization is likely facing unprecedented external pressures, resulting in internal demands to be more agile, do more with less, and adapt to technological change. RelaPhi’s applied science-based approach enables leaders, supervisors and workers to dependably navigate these modern work realities.  Better organizational and personal rewards, less wasted capacity, and fewer risks are possible when everyone is more informed, and equipped with actionable insights, about their roles, teams and work relationships.    

Capable people are your power…they just need to be unleashed.

This doesn’t happen organically but through careful design. That’s where RelaPhi comes in.

Equipping Leaders

You have a bold agenda…and a complex organization that you need ready to implement it.

Imagine if every team and role was designed for optimal business performance, and each person from the C-suite to the front lines understood and enthusiastically owned their role in achieving your mission and agenda?

Equipping Supervisors

Maintaining quality relationships, inspiring work enthusiasm and keeping performance levels high…supervisors have a tall order.

Imagine if your supervisors could become effective stewards of talent relationships and use key insights to resolve problems before they become bigger risks and headaches?

Equipping Workers

Every talented worker seeks meaningful and satisfying work, with their contribution valued and their voice heard – without confusion, anxiety and stress that can cause losses for the organization and worker frustration.

Imagine if workers truly embraced your mission and their personal role with enthusiasm, creating a more agile, energized, and informed workforce…and a win-win for all in the organization?

Who We Are

RelaPhi has been over a decade in the making. The engineering minds on our team have spent many years optimizing solutions for employer-employee relationship challenges. We were curious…could relationships be designed for mutual gain? Could shared accountability be built in to an approach that would help every worker better understand his/her role? And could this assist leaders in more successfully implementing an agenda across their enterprises and create better business outcomes?

By bringing together talented individuals with the right backgrounds, knowledge and passion, we’ve assembled a group that can enable organizations to deliver on each of these objectives.

Our Solutions

Unleash Greater Performance

Guidance and online tools for understanding, maintaining and improving the critical quality factors that comprise work relationships within an organization. With RelaPhi’s Relationship Performance Platform, workers, supervisors and leaders will understand a shared work vision and have vital instrumentation throughout the enterprise to monitor reporting relationships, make improvements where needed and impact work enthusiasm and performance. It’s performance management reinvented for the modern workplace.

Optimize Roles and Teams Around Your Business Strategy

A powerful enterprise tool that effectively connects organizational strategy to all work roles, building a bridge between your business strategies and your crucial work roles. With software-driven design guidance, you’ll have blueprints for selecting and stewarding talent within your key roles and a knowledge repository for continuous improvement.

Gain Expert Assistance For Your Improvement Initiatives

The application of our proprietary body of knowledge by our skilled subject matter experts will maximize the business yields from your mission-critical roles and teams. Through our collaborative, consultative approach, we’ll accurately diagnose, design and guide you through your organizational improvements and transformations.

Our Clients

We serve clients across a wide spectrum of industries and professional sectors, including but not limited to healthcare, professional services, IT, media, education, manufacturing, public safety and retail.
“rpPaq is an essential tool in my management toolbox.  Not only does it help me get a 10,000-foot view of what’s happening across my organization, but it lets me drill down to the ground level and see how things are going in each area of the team.  It’s a key tool I depend on from an organizational management perspective.” Drew Frederick

Vice President, DOT Cloud & Infrastructure Services, Scripps Network

“I’ve been a longtime practitioner of “Relationship Performance,” and I can’t imagine leading an organization without the vital information provided by rpPaQ. The tools and principles have honed my ability to give and receive timely, meaningful performance feedback and to make sure I’m really hearing the voice of our employees. More recently, I began using RoleDesigner too and it has caused me to rethink my initial assumptions about some of our key roles. Now, I wouldn’t dare begin hiring without first going to RoleDesigner to make sure I have a well-thought design for the role. It has saved me, and our future hires, from making painful mistakes.” Chuck Clement

Managing Director, Alpha Americas

“RelaPhi has been our trusted business partner for many years.  I’ve relied upon their guidance and thought-leadership to solve our most pressing business challenges.  Our leaders have been able to apply their methods and software for improving performance and communication within reporting relationships to completely turn around lowest performing markets into top 5 in terms of sales, quality, and customer service.” Mike

Office of Strategic Management, Fortune 500 Retailer

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